Thursday, 14 July 2016

Day 60

How incredible - Internet that works as well as it did at home! I'm at Walkamin and all set up - telly's working, phone's working and scooter's unloaded. Lots of old Walkamin hands have greeted me and welcomed me back - it's a bit like coming home. Only sad part is that owner Lucy's son has had a serious motorbike accident and is in critical care at Townsville Hospital. Lucy is down there with him.
Awning pegged down and Yemmy on site.

Scooter off and ready for an adventure

Mareeba boasts 300 sunny days a year but today wasn't one of them! All the way from Henrietta Creek to here it was thick fog and cold rain! However it did stop for me to get set up and the scooter unloaded.

I was able to ring both daughter's tonight with no fading out - great.

Lots of people are reading this blog - when will we have 3,000 pageviews?

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