Saturday, 30 July 2016

Day 76

I think that I told you that I'd tried to use my Commonwealth Bank Debit Card without success as I'd forgotten the PIN. I found out today that it's a fairly simple matter to change the PIN so it's now the same as the NAB card that is now blocked.

It was a better red that the one Santa gave me!

My blanket saga continues - the one I bought the other day is only just long enough  but doesn't quite come up to my neck as I like so I've ordered a single/double from Spotlight. It will be overkill but I can tuck the surplus under the mattress.


One of the ladies at the recent Christmas in July took a lot of pictures including this one of me relaxing while I waited for the evening's festivities to start.

Norm, the owner of Mareeba Bush Stays, popped in for a quick visit today and said they have been very busy up there recently. He really came to see Lucy but didn't know she was still down at Townsville with her son.

The wind has dropped a bit today so I've got my awning back out. I've replaced the broken fitting for the rafter to fit in on the side of Yemmy but this time it's an aluminum fitting that's much stronger that the plastic one that broke in the high wind at Smalleys Beach.

It was hot inside today so I fired up my12volt evaporative cooler and it works well. I changed its cigarette lighter plug and instead have it clipped directly to the house battery,

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