Monday, 11 July 2016

Day 57

Day 57 and undoubtedly the best day of the trip! I actually got to fly a helicopter. After a comprehensive briefing we took to the air - and instructor Doug said, "You are going to take me on a trip over Mackay Harbour - not the other way round."
I was about to climb into the command seat - although it did have dual controls.

The fog wasn't too promising but I flew in clear skies.

The day started with thick fog over the lake and that continued until after Nebo. By the time I got to the airport the sun was out in a clear sky and as you can see I certainly didn't need a jacket.

The views from the air of Mackay and the harbour and beaches were superb but I was too busy flying the helicopter to take any pictures and it didn't occur to me to ask Doug to take some for me.

A quiet little country road for the night

I bought a new patch lead for my modem this morning but don't need it here. I'm about 20km north of Mackay on a little side road. There's very little traffic and I don't really expect any during the night.

And so ends a near perfect day.

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