Friday, 1 July 2016

Day 47

Our beach at Cape Palmerston

I walked down to the beach today having first checked the tide tables to make sure the tide was in for a photo. It was a nice walk and the beach looked lovely. There were people fishing but I don't know if they were catching anything.

After lunch J&J suggested a trip down to look at Carmilla Beach and with the tide now out that was a different aspect altogether.

 I'd buttered quite a lot of bread for the prawn night and very little was eaten so what to do with the rest? Jane suggested a bread and butter pudding so I broke the bread into a mixing bowl, poured some milk in and squished it up. I added some sugar and a small container of peaches and baked it for about 45 minutes. It was/is yummy - there's half left for lunch today. (I'm writing this on Saturday morning as there was no Internet last night and I've had to walk up to the office to get reception today.)

Gary and Dianne arrived today and joined us for the jaffle night which was once again well organised and jaffles cooked to perfection.

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