Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Day 72

Today was shopping day for me in Mareeba - it's not a very big job to get Yemmy ready for the road as I just disconnect everything at his end and leave things on the ground. Same goes for the awning - I loosen the ropes holding the corners down and drop them before winding the awning up. When I drive back on to the site I make sure my driver's side front wheel goes exactly in the same place as I put a levelling ramp alongside the wheel as a marker. Everything is then in the right place to be connected up again - it only takes a few minutes. (I've - probably told you all this before - if so I'm sorry).

Besides the usual grocery shopping I bought a single bed blanket - it's too hot for the doona most nights up here and a lovely throw rug I bought wasn't big enough to tuck in. It should be a more restful sleep tonight without having to chase the rug!

Another thing I bought was a new lead for my TV antenna - we fixed one end of the old one the other day and then the other end failed this morning. The new lead is heavier and I'm getting more channels and better reception with it. I don't need a lot of channels - as long as I get the ABC I'm happy.

A screen shot from the video

I wanted to copy my daughter Sue's lovely video of our latest Alpaca - Pixie. Unfortunately Pixie's mother rejected her so Sue has been bottle feeding her. The video showed Pixie running full pelt up the paddock to foster mother Sue for her feed!

We passed 3,000 page views today!

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