Monday, 4 July 2016

Day 51

This has been a mixed day weatherwise. Warm, muggy and a little rain.

Here are the Hay Point pics I promised yesterday - dull day - dull pics.

I stayed my side of the wall and the blakes stayed on the grass

Fortunately we didn't see any of these critters - another sign said they were in the grassed area and I suspect the signs were really to keep children behind the wall.

We went out to lunch today  and the friendly waitress told us she was the cook as well! She must be a good cook because the food was great - I had pancakes with maple syrup, crispy bacon and ice cream and it was delicious. I washed it down with white wine but I should have chosen a sweeter variety.

Back home to the caravan park and I re-loaded stuff into the back and then loaded up the scooter ready for leaving in the morning. The awnings still out because we will be having happy hour here shortly and then I'll wind it in as I've taken away the ropes and I don't want it loose should the wind get up.

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