Friday, 22 July 2016

Day 68

Highlight of the day was lunch with ACC members Wayne and Marie at the Bridges Cafe at the Mt Uncle Distillery. The choice was a bit limited with pizzas the main offering but a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc added to the enjoyment of the meal.

The cafe is called Bridges because much of the fine timber for its construction came from the demolition of local bridges.

We are having an ACC lunch next Thursday at the Tolga Hotel and any ACC members on the Tableland reading this are invited to join us. A call to me on 0414 893 320 would be appreciated so that I can give the hotel our numbers.

Unusual plant treatment

Marie who knows a lot about flowers and plants, called my attention to a rather lovely arrangement on the wall near the toilets

After happy hour tonight I was invited to my neighbors van to share some nice home-made pumpkin soup

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