Sunday, 31 July 2016

Day 77

I decided to get a Comm Bank credit card to use when/if something like this happens again and there's a lot of stuff to fill out to get one. Mine is provisionally approved but I've had to send copies showing my pension and superannuation figures to get it fully approved. Made me wonder if it's worth it!

ACC friends Brian and Linda Hodgson arrived today a couple of days earlier than they expected and it was great to see them again. They came to our trivia session after happy hour tonight and although ours is a pretty laid back affair compared to the ones they are used to, they enjoyed it I'm sure.
I'll be putting on a lot of weight if I don't watch out - neighbor Paul brought over scones with strawberry jam and lashings of cream this morning to have with my coffee! I'd already cooked bacon and egg for my breakfast.

I had a nice long chat with son Chris tonight before I told him it's happy hour now so I must go. It's great being able to keep in touch with family even though we are thousands of km apart. I'm planning on spending a few days with him and Marijana in Adelaide on the way home in September.

This morning I had a look inside a Mercedes bus that has been converted into a very spacious motorhome. The room was astonishing after Yemmy2 although he is longer and higher than my original Yemmy. The fuel bill would probably be a lot bigger as well but that wouldn't worry them much as they have been here at Walkamin for 14 months!
It has a lot more room than Yemmy2 including a full sized bathroom!

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