Thursday, 30 June 2016

Day 46

The 20cent coin shows the size of the twig
There's a huge worry off my shoulders today! Ever since the day the wind gave my awning a hammering, it has been difficult to get it properly in and I was worried that it might not be possible to get it back in before travelling on Sunday. Well today I bit the bullet and retracted it - once again it didn't want to go right in and when I got on my step ladder for a closer look I found a very hard twig caught in the roller.

Once that was out it worked normally again thank goodness!

We had our prawn night tonight and what a feast it was! The ladies had prepared the prawns with some different marinades and then they were cooked on two barbies. All washed down with appropriate liquids!

Gary and Dianne are at the Leap Hotel free camp tonight so should be here fairly early tomorrow as it's not too far away. I've told them about the Jaffle Night tomorrow.

The pageview count passed the 2,000 mark sometime tonight!

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  1. Good news on the awning mate
    You certainly are having a great trip and meeting up with good friends. Cheers