Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 18

It was a bit sad leaving Hervey Bay this morning because Ray and Jeanette are so pleased when I come to visit. It was good to reminisce about old times and we hardly noticed that the Queensland weather was misbehaving and rained all day. We lashed out and feasted on Thai take-away for dinner.

It took longer than it said on the planner but I was on site by 3.30pm

Once again Yemmy has a nice spot for the night

Glenn who owns this FarmStay is a nice guy and we had quite a chat when he got home from work. He goes to work at 6AM so I don't expect to see him in the morning. I want to get on the road early but not quite that early!

I'm at Port Curtis near Rockhampton tonight and tomorrow the plan is to get to my booked site at Smalleys Beach in the Cape Hillsborough National Park

On the way  to Smalleys Beach I'm calling on friends in Mackay - if I'm early enough I'll be in time for lunch.
It was 25 C this afternoon - Queensland weather redeeming itself. It did rain on the way though and Murphy made the drivers side windscreen wiper turn inside out during a heavy shower.
I managed to fix that quite quickly and also a little electrical problem that was depriving my TomTom and Dash Cam of power.

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