Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Day 38

My Internet is painfully slow again tonight but I'll keep trying.

Murphy played a good trick on me today. I was writing my September column for Caravan World and had just done a word count confirming I'd written the right amount. I hadn't been watching my battery level and the laptop shut down. Unfortunately I'd only done one save before that happened so I lost all but a few paragra
phs. I was in no mood to start over so that's a job for tomorrow.

He played a trick last night as well. I'd swapped my Hot Ozzie Barby on to a 4kg cylinder as it's easier to adjust.  It wouldn't light! The reason was that the cylinder had been in Sunday's downpour and the upwards facing outlet had filled with water. I tipped that out and tried again. No luck - the jet had blocked but I know the answer to that and soon had the jet in a saucepan of boiling water. Ha Murphy - beat you that time as it worked perfectly for the rest of the cooking.

The workers have finally packed up and gone leaving one man who watered the new plants all day with a generator running right next to my site to run his pump. Lovely peaceful spot!

I wondered what on earth was coming!

We even had a large grader here yesterday - I wondered what was coming down the track with the throb of a big diesel and a lot of banging and clanging. I've got a pic but it won't load at the moment. Then it did!

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