Sunday, 5 June 2016

Day 21

Not a lot to report today. Mostly just relaxing and doing chores like getting water from the tap up near the toilets to top up my tank. Even them Murphy took a hand. I usually put a piece of hose into the jerrycan and the other end into the filler, put a small piece of hose into the top of the jerrycan, seal off the air with a hanky and blow through the small hose.

 The pressure forces water up the main hose and bingo - siphoning starts. Far better than sucking to start the process. Not yesterday! The jerrican had a hole in the top and so no pressure. I managed to tip the 5litres in but it was a pain. I think I've sealed the hole so I'll try again later.

Since getting the gas leak fixed my hot water lights first time - before it took a lot of tries before it lit. I've finally emptied one 4kg cylinder. It had been used for a while before I started this trip - a week at Barmera on the Murray and a long weekend at Geelong and now three weeks on the road. I was going though a cylinder in two weeks before!

This camping spot is surprisingly quiet with a few people just here for the weekend or in one case just overnight.

Among other things, Dee is a walker, cyclist and kayaker

It turns out that my new friend Dee is a motor racing fan and has watched many a Grand Prix in Europe when she lived in London. She is also a kayaker but hasn't put it into the water here as someone told her there were crocs although I've never heard on one here in all the years I've stayed here.We had another great talkfest tonight.

She is only here for eight days so it will be quiet when she leaves.

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