Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Day 45

Oh dear - shocking Internet reception again tonight. We went to Sarena this morning. John had a doctors appointment and needed to vote so I went along to do some shopping and catch up with emails etc. Internet of course was first class and will be next week when I'll be in the Sarena caravan park.

Last night was a sausage sizzle and Trivia Night. Trevor and Kim, John and Jane and me were members of the 'Cranky Old Bastards' team and even won one round. Great night!

I've decided to stay at Sarina until the Monday of my chopper lesson instead of going out to Lake Elphinstone.

I received a message from Gary and Dianne Pugh that they will be here on Friday - they are ACC members I've been on tagalongs with - including the New Zealand one that Trevor and Kim were on. We could almost have an ACC muster here on Friday!

Tomorrow we have decided on a prawn night - they sell them in 1kg packs - cooked or uncooked - at the office. We will start with happy hour at Trevor and Kim's and then bbq the prawns. Anyone like to join us? The Pughs will be too late but will be in time for Friday's Jaffle night.

Sorry no pics today!

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