Friday, 17 June 2016

Day 33

If you read yesterday's comments you will have seen that Steve made some suggestions that made good sense so I went along with them and the first thing I did was order a 1,000w pure sine wave inverter with a remote control. The remote means I can mount it back in the 'engine room' with short leads and I will still be able to turn it on and off from inside.

It will be delivered C/- the Post Office at Sarina. I booked a week at the Cape Palmerston caravan park from Friday and pass through Sarina on the way there. If it hasn't arrived by then it's not far to go to pick it up the next week.

My friends John and Jane will be at Cape Palmerston from Sunday and have told me they will be bringing good weather with them. That agrees with the BOM forecast for next week so it should be right. Tomorrow looks OK but Sunday looks a real shocker.
Bad weather ahead!
I just killed a mozzie and it was full of blood - had to be mine so I'm waiting for the itch to start!

Toasted raisin bread cheese sandwiches on my Hot Ozie Barby for lunch were good but the little 2kg cylinder ran out of gas as I had almost finished cooking dinner tonight. I have another 2kg cylinder but changing the hot barby over was quite a challenge!

This afternoon a medium sized goanna came prowling around my site. It gave it a thorough check out, walked over my foot and went under Yemmy. Its head reappeared between my legs as it came out under my chair - bit of a shock. It had a very long trailing tail and I put my foot on the end of it as it sauntered off - it just tugged it free and continued on its way. 

I'd left the phone inside so couldn't get a pic but I'm sure it was this one again.


  1. Wow, suitably impressed with the speed in which you dealt with your inverter rearrangement. Do you use, or even need to carry a generator? I seem to recall,you had some issue with a generator being included in the deal when Yemmy2 was purchased.
    I had one of those big Lizard guys wander in to my back yard a few months ago. Wasn't as friendly as yours though. He took off at the sound of my phone camera. Safe travels. Steve.

  2. Thanks Steve. No - I don't carry a generator as my solar is usually sufficient plus I use National Parks a lot and they are not allowed. Occasionally in bad weather I run the engine for half hour or so to top up the house battery.

    1. Yep, exact same setup that I have in my Sprinter.
      Have not stayed in a national park as yet though.
      Safe travels. Steve.