Monday, 13 June 2016

Day 29

Today started off wet and continued off and on during the day.

I found another interesting stupidity about the build of Yemmy2. Because the  man I got it from put the outlet for the range hood on the side instead of on the roof, he had to mount the roll out awning higher - leaving a space underneath it instead of being tight against the side. This means that rain comes through the opening on to you and everything else when it's coming from the driver's side!
A little clip has made showering a pleasure

He  also just had a hand held shower but by
 screwing a little clip to the roof of the shower cubicle, I've improved that no end. With that and the improved water pressure plus a water heater that stays lit, showering is a pleasure although I don't stay under too long as I have to carry water to fill the tank here in the National Park.

I heard back from the people where I bought my scooter and they say you don't need a licence or have the scooter registered so hopefully I'm legal.

It doesn't seem possible that I left home four weeks ago today! Sue told me that it was zero degrees at home this morning so I guess I'm better off up here where it's still fairly warm despite the rain today. 

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