Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Day 23

It wasn't Murphy this time - or maybe it was him. I spent the morning writing my column for August - yeah, that's how far ahead you have to write although the mag will be on sale in July. Then I spent most of the afternoon trying to send it to Caravan World. I don't know if it was atmospheric conditions, Telstra or my favorite Irishman but it was sure frustrating! The email included three fairly high resolution pictures and that can sometimes cause a problem.

I thought my overseas followers might be interested in this map - before I left England all those years ago, people used to say, "Oh you'll meet so-and-so - they went out there a few years ago!" They had no idea of the size of our vast land.

It really is a small world though and funnily enough I have met a few people who came from near me and in fact one fellow belonged to the same car club as me and had come to live in the same town as us.

UK RVers think they have done a huge trip when they head off to France or Spain but looking at the map it's peanuts.

A nice free camp in the car park

Another pic you might be interested in is the one I took this morning of the rig belonging to  the couple who have been free camping for the past two nights in the National Park car park! The washing is out, the chairs are in the sun and they are really at home in the day use area.


What's it mean?


They also have a dog. A big dog. I don't know what they think the sign means - they had to pass it as they drove in yesterday. 

I wonder what excitement tomorrow will bring. Stay tuned.


  1. I guess tomorrow's excitement will be your introduction to the world of non fixed wing aviation. Maybe they will give you Seniors discount ! Steve.

  2. No - not today! I may do it next week - I just love choppers and go for trips whenever I can. The chance to actually take the controls is very tempting - maybe my children could shout me for Fathers Day.