Saturday, 18 June 2016

Day 35

I woke this morning to the sound of thunder and driving rain. The dull day was brightened by lightening flashes. The wind was gusting so I thought about the awning. I had roped it down but the pegs were into sand and wouldn't hold if the wind increased. I put on my shoes and dressing gown and went outside just as a squall hit. I clutched the awning rafter at one end but the wind ripped the other end rafter and broke the anchor plate on the side of Yemmy. I held on until the wind dropped and quickly wound up the awning - as it happened with no damage besides the broken fitting. I have a spare so I'll fit that when the weather improves - maybe tomorrow as it's been raining all day today.

 The Internet has been very patchy again today so I'm not sure when this will get published.

The snap fasteners are great

While making a cup of coffee today, it struck me that today's plastic storage containers are very good - the ones I use for milk and sugar in particular have snap fasteners and the milk container has a pourer and sits nicely in the fridge door. That's so much better than the cardboard ones that sometimes leak when travelling.

Tomorrows forecast is a bit brighter - I may even get some solar charging if it's as promised.

Having such poor Internet connection for the past two weeks has done wonders for my data usage!

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  1. I gave publishing a try just now at 4.30pm and to my surprise it worked. I know it's early but if anything momentour happens I can always edit it later.

  2. Or ...... even "earth-shattering ".
    Appears as though averting another awning insurance claim was very lucky ! Your storage containers are great. I prefer the square ones myself.Just seem to nestle together, and suit my storage areas better.
    Safe travels. Steve