Monday, 6 June 2016

Day 22

Another peaceful day with lovely clear skies and lots of sun.

I spotted this advertisement yesterday and I'm very tempted - I love helicopters and fly in them whenever I get a chance. This looks like the opportunity of a lifetime and if I don't do it I'll regret it for a long time. But nearly $400 - got to think a bit longer.

Anyway, I'm here for three weeks so plenty of time to cogitate. Come to think about it - a chopper would be great at home - anyone know of one going cheaply?

My repair to the jerrycan worked and I siphoned another 5ltres into my water tank today - I think the tank's full now.

My new friend Dee's been to Mackay today and told me tonight that she has booked another 8 days here - I'm pleased as she's excellent company for happy hour.

There's free camping and there's free camping. A big modern rig pulled into the car park this afternoon , unhooked the tow vehicle  and put the washing out to dry. There is at least one vacant site here so no excuse for staying in the car park which is day use only. To make it worse they have a huge dog despite this being a National Park with a no dogs or cats sign you have to drive past to get in! I'll get a picture in the morning.

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