Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Day 24

Oh boy - a night to remember - if only I could remember!

Dee left a special visor at the pub in Marlborough and someone she hadn't met but who belonged to one of her facebook groups offered to pick it
up and bring it here to her.

She arrived this morning and what a character! She had a fire-pit and tonight was it's christening! I'm not sure where she found the wood but we sure had a great fire and lots and lots of great conversation.

Beth hadn't travelled a lot and has just bought a motorhome called 'Rosie'. She was a bit in awe of the trips Dee and I had done and couldn't believe I was 84!

Dee had cooked a lovely stir fry for us all and when the wine ran out Bess and I drank some whiskey based stuff and although I don't usually like Scotch, this didn't taste at all bad! The evening passed so quickly - Bess sings blues and gave us a few examples - she is good!

I may remember more in the morning but let's just say it was one of those great impromptu evenings that happen every once in a while and live on in the memory for ever!

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