Friday, 10 June 2016

Day 26

I don't believe I've any pictures for you today. I was busy fixing my water pump that was noisy and not delivering much water. Have you tried showering with just a trickle of water? Having checked pumps on ebay and seeing the good ones seemed to be rated as about 17/ltrs/minute and the cheap ones just 4 lpm I checked my invoices to see what I bought just before leaving home. Great - I had the higher flow unit. Then I checked the flow straight from the jerrycan and it was OK. A reverse flush of the filter and hooray - good flow and lovely shower.

In the afternoon Dee and I went for a Cooks Tour of Seaforth and surrounds in her car. Having been here so often I was able to show her much more that she would have seen on her own and she was impressed by this delightful little seaside town. The caravan park looked pretty full and of course there were plenty of solar panels around as there's no power there.

After our tour we went to the Bowls Club for dinner and a few drinks. There was a singer to entertain us and  it was a lovely night just slightly marred by my clumsiness when going to the car in the dark. Dee told me to come around the front but silly me ducked under her kayak at the back and tripped over her tow-hitch. I sprawled on the hard ground but there was nothing serious!  That would have made a good picture!

I will send you some info on this lovely National Park in case you ever pass this way.


  1. Ruth and I have stayed at Cape Hillsborough and loved to see the wallabies being fed on the beach each morning by a local, I think.
    Safe travels Lionel.

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    1. Somehow my comment above appeared twice.(reason for deletion)

  3. When there was a Council run caravan park outside the Resort I had a little jazz loving wallaby in the van as I was peeling veges for dinner Reg. Vi and my mum were quite when they came back from a walk and found me entertaining the roo with a jazz CD.