Monday, 27 June 2016

Day 43

This morning John spotted an ACC sticker on a van coming into the park and it turned out to be old friends Trevor and Kim from the ACC Sunshine Nomads and they joined us for happy hour. Lots of happy memories were shared because I'd been on great tagalongs with T&K including the wonderful New Zealand tag. And yes Graham and Lynn we talked about you and Spot!

Earlier today I copied 'Two Balloons in a Teacup' for John and Jane - I love it every time I play it and feel privileged to be friends of such great performers.

Tomorrow we are heading for Notch Point - apparently a lovely beachside free camp. I nearly got there with Yemmy two years ago but when it got too rough I chickened out and turned around. Tomorrow I'll see what I missed.

I think we might hit 2,000 page views of this blog this weekend - thanks for supporting me on my travels - I hope you are enjoying reading it.

There will be pics tomorrow folks I promise!


  1. Is there a prize for the 2000th viewer. LOL
    Travel Safe BarryN

  2. Thanks for your daily Blog Lionel. We always enjoy your writings and travels of you and Murphy.
    The weather should settle down now for you into a nice warm winter
    Safe and enjoyable travels to you
    Reg and Ruth

  3. A chocolate Frog BarryN!

    Thanks Reg and Ruth - nice to know my babblings are appreciated. It was cold here this morning but the wind has dropped and it's warmer.