Sunday, 26 June 2016

Day 42

John came round last night to ask if I wanted to go to the Market at Koumilla this morning so we went - only to find we had all misread the sign that said “Sunday Market – July 24th” As it was only June 26th today we realised we were a month early! There was a market at Sarina a bit further away so we headed for that and it was huge. Walking and standing does bad things to my back so I found a few places to sit for a minute – the last being at the Lions Club snack bar so I succumbed to a bucket of chips.
It was a nice outing although I didn’t buy anything.
I managed to get Sue on the phone after lunch by riding up to the office. Apparently it’s very cold down there at Illawarra but the grass is very green and my water tank is overflowing.
After happy hour with J&J I rode up to the office in the dark – the light on the scooter is not very bright but I managed and was able to get through to Jackie – that was good and we had a nice chat.
It’s still cool at nights – it was 15C this morning and although I know that’s cold for here it’s nothing compared to Victoria.
My television is now working on the ABC and a few other channels – it’s a help to pass the evenings these dark nights but the programme choice is not that good.

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