Friday, 24 June 2016

Day 40

I’ve learned a trick or two about fastening my scooter on its rack and this morning it  went according to plan – shorter straps are the answer it seems. It was easier getting it off when I got on site at Cape Palmerston Caravan Park as well.
IGA in Sarina had the pork pies I was talking about – not on show but in the fridge. I hope they are as good as I remember as I bought three.
I decided that I’d get my antenna for the modem checked, as it doesn’t seem to make much difference any more so went along to the shop I bought it from many years ago. Would you believe it – the shop was closed for two days! 
It was great catching up with John and Jane – I’m on the site next door to them so it wasn’t far to walk to happy hour tonight. Friday night is jaffle night here – you make your sandwich of whatever you fancy, butter the outside and take it down to the fire where it’s cooked for you in a jaffle iron. Quite a social occasion!
Mobile reception and Internet coverage is worse that at Smalleys although I believe it’s ok up at Reception. I’ll may have to go up there in the morning to publish this.
I couldn't resist this lovely view

Suddenly there was reception for a few minutes so I may be able to post this now. 
On the way here this morning I stopped and got a pic of the lovely mount that I passed  every time I went out.

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