Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Day 37

Couldn't get Internet at all last night so I'm doing yesterday's post this morning.

Here are some photos that I promised.
The mills are very busy

The sugar harvest is in full swing up here and the mills are all flat out. This one is at Farleigh on the way to Mackay.

I believe this is the organic fruit and produce shop my friend Jenny was asking about. She said the bread was fantastic but I haven't tried it.

The tree planting team have been busy all week clearing, auguring holes, putting in the plants and then putting protective sleeves around them.

My new inverter is waiting at the Sarina Post Office for me. The other is still working but very noisy - I think the fan is on the blink.
I'll publish this while I still have Internet coverage - another lovely day here at Smalleys.

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