Friday, 3 June 2016

Day 19

The usual roadworks of course!

I woke early today and knowing my friends have lunch at 12 noon before Tony leaves for bowls, I got
on the road early and despite the usual roadworks I arrived at 11.45. It was great meeting up with them again. Tony had an accident while trimming a tree - he fell from a stepladder and landed on the blade of the bushman's saw! It made a mess of his leg and has stopped them going on their planned trip for a while. Like me, Tony writes for Caravan World and had some articles to write on their trip but unfortunately these have been delayed.

It's not all bad - the delay means I may catch up with them again when I go to Mackay shopping next week.

Today's journey wasn't huge but it took from 7.30 until 11.45 to Mackay and then another 40km after lunch to Smalleys

The trip took me past Clairview - the only place between Brisbane and Cairns where you actually see the sea from the road.

I diverted for a quick look at Seaforth to see how many people are camped there on the foreshore and it looked about 85% full. The tide was right out so it didn't look its best - particularly with the grey skies we had today.

Just a few minutes from Seaforth and I was at old favorite Smalleys Beach in the Cape Hillsborough National Park. It didn't take long and Yemmy was in position on Site 2 - another favorite!

Unpacking the scooter and getting properly set up can wait until tomorrow. I found I had some phone connection although a bit patchy. That's par for the course here so I rang Jackie using Skype - lovely clear call and she said it was if I was there standing next to her.

The weather forecast isn't good for tomorrow but then it looks like sunny all next week - great for my solar panels. I put my loose ones down on the beach and they get the sun all day.

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