Thursday, 23 June 2016

Day 39

These $20 binoculars will be good to use  in the chopper
I've done it - booked a helicopter training flight from Mackay on the 11th of July. I love flying in choppers but have never actually had the controls in my hands. For my money I get an hour of instruction including 20 minutes in the air where I'll be able to actually fly the thing!

Despite clocking up 2,000 hours flying as aircrew in Transport Command, RAF, I'd never been in a helicopter until one night over a few beers my late son-in-law Gary said "Oh, that's not a problem - I've got a mate who flies helicopters and he'll take us up". Gary's mate Roger did indeed take Gary, my daughter Jackie, grandson Cameron and me for a trip along the Mornington Peninsula and that started my lifetime fascination with flying in choppers. I've flown over the Katherine Gorge, the Bungles, Vanuatu, the Tamar Valley and the Atherton Tableland.

The wind that nearly wrecked my awning last Sunday must have bent the support arms because it didn't want to roll up properly today. I managed to get it OK for travelling but it will need attention when I get settled  at Cape Palmerston tomorrow.

I got my column re-written today - the deadline isn't for another week or two but I write when the urge takes me.

My scooter is on its rack but not fully fastened down yet - fiddling with the awning took a fair bit of time and darkness came before I got all the straps in place. At least it's on the rack and the two main straps are on.

The inverter is groaning away - it's lasted OK and I'll pick up the new one tomorrow.

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  1. Congratulations on your Chopper decision. I hope you got Seniors discount, or maybe, even as a Fathers day present.I look forward to a positive review from yourself, before I take the "plunge" .... ummm, maybe that's the wrong word to use in this situation. I'll rephrase that, before I reach the dizzying heights of temporary Chopper Pilot whilst in Mackay. Have fun with your new inverter. Safe flying. Steve.