Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Day 30

Not too much to report today I'm afraid, The scooter came in handy for carrying water - my 5litre container fits nicely on the platform and I made three trips up to the tap. My water gauge now shows full.

The rain kept away for most of the day so I got a bit of solar energy - I'm heading for Mackay tomorrow for shopping, etc., so that should top up the house battery. I'm afraid the roof mounted panels get very little sun as it's a pretty shady site.

A couple came this morning to check out Site One - to me it's the best site there is but the lady was not impressed and although they had booked the site they didn't come back with their van - maybe tomorrow. A French backpacker couple came asking how to book a site as their phone had no signal so I told them to use Site One as the registered users were not using it. Vi and I spent many happy times on that site.

Dee leaves in the morning - she's got an interview up at Proserpine to work on the upcoming census. It won't be the same without her as our happy hours have been just that - happy hours sharing travel tales and life experiences spiced with a lot of good humour. It will be quiet tomorrow night!

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