Friday, 3 June 2016

Day 20

This is why I love this site at Smalleys Beach! That's the view from under my awning. 
The only thing that spoilt the day was b.....y Murphy! I though I'd just get the scooter off and then get my loose solar panels charging. He thought otherwise and made the straps holding the scooter impossible to undo. I got three with a struggle but the fourth beat me and I had to cut it. The scooter battery was flat so I had to manhandle it off the rack.

He wasn't finished yet. I took the panels down on the beach in the sun and came back to check the ammeter. Zilch! I then checked all the connections with my multi meter, and finally traced it to one of the new andersons plugs we'd fitted earlier this year. Scrapped the plug and used an ordinary cable joiner and - bingo - it's charging a treat.

Now I can relax and enjoy the views - bye bye Murphy!

I'm posting early today but I'll add more later.
Another look at my view - it's not so good when the tide goes out but it's still nice

Look who came visiting - a smaller one passed by later

Murphy hadn't done with me - after the struggle to get the scooter off, it wouldn't charge from my inverter!  My panels are down the beach facing the hill to catch the first rays of sunlight that appear in the morning!

Today I found a lady to share my....ha ha.... you thought I was going to say bed but you are wrong! It was my awning for happy hour. Dee from the next site is travelling on her own and is an interesting and humorous lady who has travelled a lot in Oz and overseas. I enjoyed her company tonight and hope for a repeat tomorrow.


  1. Tides in - the sun's out - what more could you want?

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