Monday, 20 June 2016

Still Day 36

I thought it could be easier to use a new page for the rest of today. I've written it in Word so hope it transfers alright.
Here 'tis:

Well what a beautiful day in stark contrast to yesterday’s nightmare. I managed to sleep despite the wet bedclothes but it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had by a long, long shot!

Driving into Mackay was a dream, blue skies, sun streaming down and Yemmy burbling along as he ate up the miles – or should I say kilometres?

After drying my bedding, I gave Tony a ring asking if they had had coffee and he said yes but come and we’ll have another. With the new TomTom working beautifully and the map of their village that Denyse had given me, I was soon at their home and telling them about yesterday and the awning plus the wet bed. I assured them I hadn’t wet the bed, as I would have needed to be a contortionist to wet it up near the top!

Then I went into Mackay and voted – just think, my vote could change the future of our country – or perhaps not!

Then a long hike to find an Apple retailer as I thought my laptop battery was on its last legs. “We have to send away for them, the lady said and it will take at least 5 working days to get one from Brisbane”. Not wanting to hang around that long I asked if she could test it for me. The test showed the battery still ok although nearing the renewal point. That test cost $25 – a special she said, as it’s usually $50. I suppose that’s cheaper than a new battery.

Then away to BCF where I bought a new chair as mine has become hard to fold plus I a pair of Olympic binoculars at half price as they were on special. $20 for the last one they had and they work a treat!

A bit of Woolies shopping, some Gloria Jeans coffee and a pleasant run home with the sun making the sugar cane flowers sparkle as they gently bent to the breeze. With plenty of palm trees around it was a reminder that I’m in the tropics up here.

When I got back to my site I found the team of workers who had arrived before I left this morning, had planted a host of new fledgling trees or bushes – I’m not sure which until they grow. It looks like they will be back tomorrow as they have left a lot of plants.
I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

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